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Fashion Distribution

ItalSalus holds exclusive and/or non-exclusive agreements for
the distribution in Europe of stocks and Collections related to
the most important and popular brands in Fashion certified and
of the highest quality.

Nutraceuticals & Selected food

ItalSalus distributes on an exclusive and / or non-exclusive basis
special, functional and nutraceutical food products of the
highest quality from the major world producers.

Medical Devices

ItalSalus distributes medical and cosmetic products that include
emo-dynamic products, personal protective equipment, rapid
tests, equipment for medical use, protective gloves in various
materials and many other products of the highest quality and all certified.

The 7 Rules for Covid-19 Safety

ItalSalus invites everyone to exercise the utmost prudence and a diligent abidance of the guidelines provided
by the Ministry of Health for the containment of the spread of Covid-19.

Antigen and Antibody Tests

Learn more about how AFS 1000 works – the fast, accurate and portable test
that uses immunofluorescence chromatography technology to deliver a rapid result.


ItalSalus supplies only high-quality products that are certified and marketed in compliance with ethics and market rules.

The Covid-19 health emergency has taken healthcare systems around the world by surprise, highlighting a severe shortage of those medical products necessary to deal with the emergency.

The high demand for FFP2 and FFP3 masks, surgical masks, vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves, gowns, gels and sanitizing cleaners, as well as many other products, concentrated in a very short time frame has created major critical issues, exhausting local supplies and creating a dependence on the Far East.

Furthermore, supplies from outside the European community are not always of high quality, and often, even if of excellent quality, they are not provided with the necessary EU certifications and in particular those required for distribution in Italy.

To complicate this already complex scenario are the added restrictive measures and new standards imposed for production in the main exporting countries, the critical issues facing international transport and local logistical problems.

All these issues combined have generated an explosion in prices and the consequent proliferation of speculators and improvised operators, who offer low-quality products without certification.

mascherina FFP2


icona raffigurante un aereo in fase di decollo

Rapid supply of certified medical products and personal protective equipment to deal with the COVID-19 emergency

icona raffigurante un certificato

We only deal with certified and high-quality products at ethical prices with the safety of our clients remaining our top priority.

icona raffigurante il gesto di "tutto ok" con il pollice alzato

We guarantee reliable relationships with verified producers and the provision of assistance, expertise and accurate and efficient logistics services.


ItalSalus is invariably committed to making only certified and top-quality products quickly available on the market, as well as guaranteeing maximum transparency and great reliability thanks to a corporate culture that supports the members of its team so that effectively they can be useful to the community.

Vision of Chairman

ItalSalus was founded to face the needs deriving from this serious health crisis with transparency and honesty, with the aim of solving the inefficiencies of the system and guaranteeing the necessary supply to our country, protecting the consumer both in the medical and civil fields.

Francesco Merighi