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sireologic rapid test draw
sireologic rapid test draw



SARS-COVID Antigen Rapid Test 19
Scientifically accurate and easy to use

Positivity ≥ 95%
Negativity≥ 99%

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ATTENTION: the sales unit is the 1.000 test carton 

Minimum Order 10 boxes

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Scientifically accurate and easy to use – Product code TT-02-CIM

The RAPID TEST with chromatographic immunofluorescence – compared to the PCR method (Polymerase chain
reaction) – possesses greater accuracy. The AFS 1000 test has positive detection accuracy
higher than 95% and a negative detection accuracy close to 100% and requires only 10
minutes to complete.

ATT.N: To perform our quick test you need the  AFS 1000 (cod. art.  TT-01-CIM)



  • SCIENTIFIC METHOD: chromatographic immunofluorescence
  • COMPACT: dimensions 30 x 21.5 x 15 cm
  • LIGHT: only Kg 3,1 e
  • IMMEDIATELY READY: activates in 10 seconds
  • TOUCHSCREEN: touch display for faster use
  • COMPATIBLE: with RS232, USB, LAN and other interfaces.
  • MULTIDIAGNOSTIC 4D DIGITAL SCANNER: can be used for other tests
  • BAR-CODE READER: for reading test card code, health card, etc.
  • SINGLE CHANNEL TEST: automatic ejection of the test card
  • BUILT-IN PRINTER: automatic printing of the test report
  • MANUFACTURER: Sichuan Xincheng Biological Co., LTD

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 22 cm
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Pack containing 10 boxes of 100 pieces